School Policies & Procedures

The American Academy Ballet

Registration/Tuition Policy:

Enrollment for the regular season is on a full semester basis, and tuition plus 6 percent tax is payable in advance of the entire semester. A late charge may be assessed on past due accounts. All students/parents will be held responsible to pay for the full semester, not withstanding the fact that the student may have withdrawn during the semester. A special payment plan for tuition may be made. It will be necessary to make these arrangements with the school office. Semester II begins in January, at which time payment for the second semester is due.

Dress Code/Hair:

A school dress code remains in effect and compliance with this will be expected. GIRLS: A black leotard, pink tights, and pink shoes. No skirts, warmers, etc. will be allowed at A, B, C, D. levels. CREATIVE MOVEMENT: Black leotard, pink footless tights, no shoes. BOYS: White T-shirt, black tights and black shoes. CREATIVE MOVEMENT: White T-shirt, black shorts, no shoes Hair must be up away from the face and neck and tightly secured (i.e. bun, french twist, braid). No loose ponytails or hairstyles will be accepted. There will be no jewelry or watches worn in class ... and no gum please! For more information, please call (304) 342-6541.

Special Dress Code Privileges:

CB Apprentices: Wine colored leotard for additional classes.
CB Company: Color leotard for company class and any extra rehearsals.
Note: These privileges will be suspended if company regulations are not fulfilled.

  • I am here to learn, to achieve, and to acquire an appreciation for the arts and the disciplines imparted by the study of dance
  • I will work to maintain my best grades in my academic studies at school
  • My attire, to and from the studio, will include "cover up" garments
  • I will respect the rights of others at all times and will have tasteful discussions
  • I will always respect the name of the studio
  • I will be on time for my classes
  • I will follow the dress code listed elsewhere in this brochure
  • I will refrain from talking during class or disturbing other students
  • I will advise the teacher in advance, if a class must be missed, and the nature of the absence
  • I will not chew gum in class
  • I will not drink or eat in waiting or dressing areas
  • I will not smoke in or near the premises
  • I will always check on class schedules and board postings